Gail’s Artisan Bakery

Casually strolling through Wimbledon Village, looking for a quick snack and I stumble upon this little gem! Gail’s is a small, intimate bakery which offers a cosy atmosphere and a vast selection of baked goods. The menu included French dark & San Francisco sourdoughs, croissants & pastries, cinnamon buns & carrot cake, chelsea buns & mince pies, oh I could go on and on…

There was so much to choose from and the fact that everything looked and smelt heavenly did not make things any easier! I eventually opted for a single coconut macaroon and it was by far the tastiest coconut macaroon that my mouth has ever tasted.

This delicious beauty was bursting with shreds of sweetened coconut, had a chocolate-y base and a wonderfully moist and chewy centre. Exactly how a macaroon should be! I would rate this a 5 out 5 as I thoroughly enjoyed the contrast of a crispy exterior to a soft interior.



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