Tayyab’s, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel

Tayyab’s is a piquant Punjabi restaurant tucked away down a side street in Whitechapel. It’s been a popular local institution since the early 1970’s with people usually queueing down the street for a table, however upon this particular visit we were seated within minutes of entering the restaurant. Perhaps because we chose to go in at 5pm on a late Sunday afternoon!

Since this wasn’t our first visit, we knew exactly what we were ordering and didn’t need to linger over the menu for too long.

Two portions of lamb chops (8 pieces) – £14

2 garlic naans (freshly made flatbread) – £4.40

A jug of mango lassi (thick drink made with yoghurt, water, and mango pulp) – £5.80


Two portions of lamb chops (8 pieces)     –     £14

Looking at the picture above, I realise how unappealing that empty plate in the back may seem with a lone piece of popadom in the centre. Please note that I was starving when my partner and I arrived, hence why I was so quick to scarf down that complimentary plate of popadoms, though I should have pushed it away before taking this picture… I guess you live and learn, right?

My heart literally leapt with joy to see the waiter carrying the sizzling iron dish on a wooden tray, walking through the restaurant towards my table, laden with a satisfying pile of these impeccably delicious chops that always leave my mouth tingling. All the chops, apart from one, were cooked to perfection. The odd, slightly pink chop was sent back to the kitchen and surprisingly came back having multiplied into two! Believe me when I say this, “you can never have too many lamb chops.”

The garlic naans complemented the chops well, were soft, and oozing with melted butter and garlic. Exactly how a naan should be! And the mango lassi not only smelt like tantalising mangoes but tasted even better.

Over time Tayyab’s has grown as fast as its reputation has risen, acquiring more premises, stretching and expanding down Fieldgate Street, but the lamb chops have remained consistently brilliant! I would  give their lamb chops an overall rating of 5 out of 5.

Nonetheless, I would like to point out that having spent approximately £30 between 2 people on an exceptionally fulfilling meal, we did not order anything from the mains section. The lamb chops are listed under starters and that is why our total was below £40. If you’re planning on having an entire meal for 2 at this place, you’re looking to comfortably spend around £40-45.

I would highly recommend the lamb chops and will most definitely be going back for more very soon!




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