Brew Cafe (Wimbledon)

Brew Cafe is a lovely Australian cafe/restaurant located in Wimbledon Village. It has a nice cosy vibe and offers a very bright and funky space to dine in. I visited this fine coffee house with my partner on a Sunday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to be seated immediately. One of the main reasons we attended … Continue reading Brew Cafe (Wimbledon)


Étudier tous les aspects

I have been splashing in the shallow end for far too long. It's time to dive into the depth, and explore the deep end...


You don't know me anymore. You don't know that my favourite song has changed. Or that my favourite colour isn't blue anymore. The memories we shared have wasted away into nothingness. Perhaps you don't even remember the colour of my eyes. They're not "just brown" like you'd say; they're the shade of mountains and nature … Continue reading Étranger